Medical ePrint & Digital Asset
Management Solutions


A cloud-based solution that provides insights and disseminates marketing content to healthcare professionals.



Control and enhance the way physicians engage with your ePrints and brand content.


  • Deploy ePrints to various mobile devices
  • Complete control over content usage
  • Manages and controls all components of a document
  • Captures metrics around views and ePrint engagements
  • Updating ePrint documents such as PIs and disclaimers, can be done wirelessly
  • Syncs content from the home office into the app for sales reps everyday


Med eINFO is the Enertia, LLC proprietary offering that enables content management for ePrints and other types of content such as reprint carriers, disclaimer letters, and current prescribing information at an individual document level.

This unique “content management” addresses pharma's needs to:

  • Deliver ePrints to iPads and other mobile devices
  • Capture physician engagement
  • Maintain document controls that adhere to:
    • Corporate regulatory/ legal guidelines
    • Publishers’ licensing and copyright permissions.

The Med eINFO technology provides:

  • On-demand availability to iPads and other mobile devices
  • Complete management of the procurement functions for ePrints and all electronic formats
  • Seamless “workflow management” of all digital assets included with ePrints, such as “Dear Doctor” letters, disclaimers, and product inserts
  • Integration with clients’ CRM systems
  • Interactive displays of ePrint presentations via video, audio and animated easy-to-use iPad application
  • Wireless updating of PIs, disclaimers, product presentations and available for use offline
  • Back office management of ePrints to be hosted on corporate/brand websites

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